When your team is working in remote parts of the province, Faitron Communications can keep you connected.  We provide a rental program for full-service remote communications solutions.  If you need two way radios for your tree planting crew, then we have you covered.    Call us and tell us what your team needs and where they’ll be working.  Our experienced technicians can recommend the right products for your remote crew.  Then, they’ll put together a comprehensive rental plan that fits your budget and keeps you communicating.

Full-Service Equipment Rentals

Two-Way Radios

  • Rent the radios you need, rather than buying
  • Rugged, well-maintained equipment provided
  • Capable of supplying your entire team
  • A variety of products and models available
  • Includes all accessories that may be needed
  • Save your budget for more important purposes
Two Way Radios Icom F1000

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